Barbara Patterson

Barb Patterson runs her own global coaching and consulting business in addition to collaborating as a partner in the design and delivery of our Practitioner Training programs here at Pransky and Associates.

Barb brings a unique set of skills and experience to the partnership allowing us to create more robust and well-rounded professional development offerings. Her years of experience developing other coaches, entrepreneurs & business leaders bring real-world practicality to the partnership. She has lived in the US and Europe and has over 15 years experience coaching and working globally as both an internal executive and outside consultant.

Some highlights of her career …

Barb was a well-respected executive leading a global function for one of the world's largest travel management companies and has worked with and coached CEO's and top executives from all regions of the world. She has built a successful consulting and coaching business and has mentored other coaches to do the same. She has a diverse global portfolio including work with companies both large and small, their leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants in various fields of work.

"We had an instant connection with Barb. Her warmth, humor, rapport & sincerity along with her leadership, creativity and strategic mindset are a powerful combination. Her instincts with clients, her commitment to this work and to her own grounding make her an ideal partner."
–Linda & George Pransky


"My passion for accessing our potential and understanding the drivers of transformation has been a lifetime quest. I used to believe transformation was about hard work and that the only way out was 'through'. Being introduced to the Principles has had a deep and profound impact in my life and has shown me another way.

I am thrilled to be partnering with Linda and George. I consider it a high honor to have the opportunity to work closely with them both. I know firsthand the impact of their mentoring, insight and feedback. They have been instrumental in my own grounding and it's connection to my work and my life."
–Barbara Patterson

What People Are Saying About Barb …

"Over the past couple of years, I've had the opportunity to get to know Barb Patterson and work closely with her. I've witnessed her working with coaches, leaders and groups, and whether she's one-on-one or on stage in front of a room, her presence, grounding, and insight create a powerful space for growth and change. Basically, I feel comfortable putting her in front of the room with anyone, regardless of their background or level of expertise, which is why I have invited her to be part of the faculty for Supercoach Academy and why I recommend her to anyone looking to make changes with their people and to take their business forward."
-Michael Neill, internationally bestselling author of The Inside-Out Revolution and CEO of Genius Catalyst Inc.


"I have had the honor of working with Barb for the past year. Barb has a big picture, strategic mind which has helped me see possibilities that lie ahead (in my coaching practice and my life) and how to most efficiently put the pieces in place to make those possibilities a reality. But what is more important, more valuable and more impactful is that Barb has the gift of being a fantastic listener (listening for what I'm not saying) and being very present. She helps me take a step back and look at each situation from different perspectives so I can really "see." As a result, I solve business and personal issues more innovatively and more effectively than I have in the past.

A significant portion of my business is corporate work and Barb has helped me incorporate the Three Principles into the work I have with current clients as well as selling the value of bringing the Three Principles to new clients. As a result I have earned four new key note speaking opportunities, have expanded my current corporate client offerings, and have helped change the lives of eleven 1:1 coaching clients. My revenues have doubled (well over the six figure mark) and I'm only half-way through the year!"
–Carrie Cunnington, Founder, Cunnington Shift


"I consider myself unbelievably fortunate to have met Barb Patterson just as I was transitioning from a corporate leader role into full-time coaching. I have been both coached and mentored by her and there is no way to truly measure the tremendous impact that has had on my own growth as a coach as well as the success of my business. Unlike many coaches who hear a "problem" and want to immediately jump to creating a solution for you, Barb's grounded nature and deep understanding of the principles allows her to guide me back to my own wisdom, to my own source of inspiration, and when I get to that place, often I realize a problem never existed at all, and I am able to move forward and create something much more meaningful than I originally would have thought possible.

I have also gained so much from her wealth of experience as a global leader and a private coach, her willingness to share her learnings, successes and failures along her journey, and her practical guidance on creating a thriving business that I love. With Barb you can feel fully challenged and perfectly at ease at the same time, she meets you where you are with no judgment or expectation as she guides you into uncovering and stepping up to what you desire most in life. You cannot have a conversation with Barb and not be eternally impacted by her humor, grace and wisdom."
–Kelly Ramon, Executive Coach & Business Consultant


"I have had the distinct privilege of working with Barb Patterson over the past 10 years in multiple capacities and to say that she has had such a significant impact on my personal and professional growth is an understatement. Barb has been a boss, a mentor, a coach and friend.

Barb encourages deep and meaningful reflection with her questions and focused conversation; her approach has increased my self-awareness and my ability to build strong partnerships and relationships. She is professional, thoughtful, experienced, grounded and authentic. Her feedback has helped me improve my own coaching skills, building my confidence throughout the coaching certification process, ultimately leading to me starting my own coaching business.

Throughout my work with Barb I witnessed her ability to influence and build relationships with senior leaders so that their commitment to the strategies or tasks at hand was exponentially greater because of her input and insight. She was one of the most sought after "thinking partners" in an organization of over 25,000 employees because of her strong and natural intuition, listening without judging, powerful questioning and thoughtful and well-timed interactions.

Barb has the ability and talent to help you enhance and expand your options, make more satisfying and life-affirming decisions, create a sense of optimism and confidence in moving ideas towards reality and developing a strong sense of purpose and focus on your values and vision for your life."
–Juliann Wiese, Director Talent Management & Executive Coach

Barbara Patterson
Barbara Patterson