Faith in Yourself: The remedy to all human setbacks

Decisions, difficult people, traumas and emotional upsets, ordinary setbacks that are a regular part of life for everyone.  But what if they didn’t have to be so hard?  This video introduces a solid logic that explains why they don’t have to rock our boat as much as they do and what we can draw from ourselves that can be a huge help.

This is a unique blog post as it presents the principles we teach in a very concrete way that both explains them and makes it relevant to your life.  This video is part of a larger series that you can get for free (see below) and it would be a great one to share if you have been trying to figure out a way to introduce our work to someone.

This video, and our recent blog post ‘Making Decisions‘ are from a mini-course called ‘The User Manual for Everyday Life’.  You can get the entire series for FREE, just sign up for our email list (in the form above, top right) and be the first to get access to the exclusive mini-course in the coming weeks.  If you’re already on our list you’ll be the first to know.

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In over 30 years of helping people, we’ve found several topics that represent some of the most common areas of struggle for people. These are the areas we’ve  consistently seen very big results in people’s lives by providing a surprisingly small amount of direction and learning.  This exclusive mini-course focuses exclusively on those four areas:

  • Engagement in Life: The alternative to chronic distraction
  • Getting Over Things: Bounce back faster
  • Making Decisions:  Easier than you think
  • Getting Along with People: Less frustration, more connection

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