Regret: The Illusion that There’s a Right and Wrong Path

regret graphic 234What if I’d taken that job, married a different person, moved when I had the chance? There are so many choices in life and it’s so easy to feel like we would be happier and more secure right now if we had decided something different.  Because it’s so easy to get lost in the ‘what-ifs’ we lose sight of the fact that there IS no right or wrong.  Seeing that can really take the pressure off if we can see that regret is just a habit of thought or a common setting in our mind that we find ourselves stuck in.  This audio blog makes it easy to see and to generalize to all of our ‘what ifs’.


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Regret is one of those feelings that we just accept as part of living life.  But if you can see from this recording the possibility that you could live in less regret, than you have the possibilty to get out from a lot of the invisible thinking that makes your life hard.  Opt out of that type of thinking, take our online course.  Have a life with less stress, worry, fear and anxiety.

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