How my Wife “Outgrowing” me Saved our Marriage

The idea that people can outgrow each other is a popular rationale for those who are dissatisfied with their relationship. It is also not true. People who think they have outgrown their partner misunderstand how real growth works. The great thing … Continue reading

Are You in the Habit of Asking Yourself Why You Think the Way You Do?

Do you look deep into your past to try and pinpoint the moment or experience that shaped your negative thinking? In this video excerpt from last year’s Professional Training Linda, George, and Barb go in depth on why this is … Continue reading

George Pransky Speaks at Farnum Center

This summer George had the opportunity to speak at the Farnum Center, a Three Principles drug and alcohol recovery facility in New Hampshire. The recording quality is not ideal, but the content is excellent. So put on your noise-cancelling headphones … Continue reading

How To Tell If A Session Is Going Well: Practitioner Series #5

This is the fifth in a five-part series for practitioners. In this series, George and Linda Pransky answer questions frequently posed by other Three Principles practitioners. This recording features George and Linda’s thoughts on what happens when a client is receptive … Continue reading

A Little Peace of Mind Podcast Episode with George Pransky

Earlier this year, George had the opportunity to do a recording with Nicola Bird for her podcast, A Little Peace of Mind. This episode is called Love and Relationships. In this recording, you will hear George speak to common thoughts and struggles we … Continue reading

What Is Intake?: Practitioner Series #3

Intake can be different for every practitioner or client. It can be a way to establish rapport, figure out what the client is saying, or allow the client to clear their mind. In this recording, George and Linda have a … Continue reading

Intake, Listening, and Teaching: Practitioner Series #1

Many practitioners are curious about how to begin working with a new client. They want to know if there are any techniques for improving the client’s learning, or how best to impart the message they’d like to get across. In … Continue reading

Thought and Happiness: Inner Workings of the Mind #3

Many of us want to have simpler, happier lives. We want to be less stressed, able to handle problems better, and more at peace with the world around us. In this recording, George Pransky talks about several of the topics … Continue reading

Performance: Inner Workings of the Mind #2

Have you ever wondered what the secret to success is? Do you wish that you could be better at your job without putting in more effort? Many of us want to reach the next step in our careers or hobbies, … Continue reading

Changing Your Behavior: Inner Workings of the Mind #1

Have you ever decided you were going to go to the gym, only to sit at home watching TV? Do you ever wonder why some people stop smoking and some don’t? Many of us want to change our ways in … Continue reading

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