Why it Never Works to Bully Yourself

No matter how much self-development you’ve done in your life at some times (maybe even often) you find yourself in a state of mind that you don’t want to be in and you pressure yourself to feel differently in that … Continue reading

When Life Looks Terrible, Hard and Scary

This video is from a talk we gave to Israeli teens who lost family members due to the conflict in their country. It’s easy to see how their lives can look terrible, hard and scary. We all can have difficult … Continue reading

If everyone has health what about depressed and suicidal people?

If you’ve been following us for very long you know that one of the cornerstones of the work that we do is that everyone has the ability to self-correct, everyone has a buoyancy or a health inside of them that … Continue reading

Making Mistakes, then Moving On (shame is optional)

Have you ever made a mistake and had a hard time letting it go? This video is all about mistakes. Everyone makes them, and in this animated video we show that it’s possible to make mistakes, even the big ones, … Continue reading

Our Goals and Ideas: A source of inspiration, or a source of pressure and disappointment

Ever feel like this donkey? Have you ever had goals work against you because they’re too big or unrealistic? Your goals and ideas about life can help rally your focus and motivation, or they can backfire. If you’ve fallen short … Continue reading

Do you find yourself on too many lukewarm dates?

Today’s video describes how people who are dating often get consumed, distracted, or worn out by all the noise in their heads. You’ll see how a simple shift inside you can set you on a different track that can bring … Continue reading

Has Your Relationship Gone Stale?

A father of three told me recently, “My wife and I do great running a household together, but somewhere along the line, the fun and connection got lost.” So is it possible to get that connection back? Absolutely. And in … Continue reading

Are you married to your phone?

Do you spend more quality time with your phone than anyone else in your life? In this short audio recording, we show how it’s possible to have a healthy and ‘obsession-free’ relationship with technology without having to give it up … Continue reading

Parenting can be a challenge during the holidays… a full house, so much to do…

  If you could use some Parenting Pixie dust, here’s a recent talk we gave at a conference in Minneapolis on the Four Big Parenting Traps and how you can avoid them. Hope this makes your holidays happier!  Click here … Continue reading

Same problems happening over and over? Get on a different track.

People often struggle with the same big problems over and over again. Even though the flare-ups are repetitive and predictable, we often don’t get any better at handling them. This recording talks about how people can get on a proactive … Continue reading

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