Does it work?

“My mind has always been exceptionally busy (like a popcorn popper without an off switch), but I found that my thoughts could actually quiet down and surprisingly, I did not yearn to re-engage in the busyness in my life. While I was there, I learned to listen more genuinely. Conversations became increasingly meaningful; I heard others more deeply and picked up a different level of communication that transcended words. I feel more peace, happiness and contentment than I’ve felt in years & I have tremendous gratitude that I was finally able to make this incredible shift for which I’ve long been yearning.”
–Susan, wife, mother and active community volunteer

“I’m definitely less stressed, I don’t really worry about things anymore and if I do it doesn’t consume my day. I learned that if there’s nothing you can do about a situation there’s no point thinking about it. I learned to go into things with a fresh outlook and it allowed me to get more out of it. Everyone noticed that I came back from La Conner happier. Now I share what I learned with other people and it helps them a lot too.”
–Sam R.

“Thank you. Thank you for wading through my stubborn misconceptions. Thank you for understanding how important this visit was for me. Thank you for sharing your own experiences, downs and learning blockades. Thank you for creating a learning atmosphere filled with butterflies of potential insights. Most of all, thank you for pointing the way to hope.”
–Diedre B.

“(My work with you) took the edge off this jadedness I had about life and pain. I let that jadedness go a little bit more to the point where I could find more ease. It helped me to take a different path. It made me come back to myself a little easier and a little quicker.”
–Daniel W., Consultant

“If someone had told me that I could experience a completely radical change in the way that I think and feel, in just an instant, two weeks ago, I would have laughed in their face and told them to deal with reality. But to my utter amazement it happened to me. When I arrived in la Conner, I was one despondent individual. I started to listen and I felt my spirits soar and then I felt humbled that I was capable of being the person that I had been. I realized that I was so naïve about people and the way they think. My eyes began to open and I started to see beyond the obvious. I also began to hear more than what was being said and I started to feel compassion for what other people were experiencing in their lives.Do I feel that I am somehow miraculously cured and now know all the answers to life’s questions? Certainly not! I feel that I have only scratched the surface and have only begun to learn the things that I need to know. But I’m on the right track and I’m going with the momentum. I have definitely experienced very positive change in my life and I love the way that I feel inside and how I am able to view situations without turning them into “problems”.”
–Gary, truck driver

“I’ve been walking around the past few days feeling amazed with myself. I actually can’t believe it. I keep thinking.. this is amazing! I see what my husband is talking about now when he says this could be life changing. Not to go crazy in my head? Not to be worrying all day long. Not feeling stressed and overwhelmed with life. What am I gonna do with all my time now? I might just get things done! How nice is that?!”
–Chana, Wife and Mother of Seven, London, England

“I will never be able to convey clearly the magnitude of how that class helped me understand, and cope, with the process of losing someone so dear to me. It has affected me in ways I am only beginning to understand.”
–Aaron, Senior Recruiter, BAE Systems, Inc.

“[This training allowed me to] get out of my bubble and realize my reality is not the reality, to feel comfortable with the flow of life, to be very content. I’ll feel bad but it doesn’t stick around. The three principles have really opened me up and made me feel a lot more secure in this world. It’s been a huge benefit to my life.”
–Thomas N., College student

“I just wanted to email to say thank you so much for all of your time and help and patience and generosity over the course of our 4 days together last weekend – it is all hugely appreciated. I’ve been thinking a lot about all that we shared and discussed and the word that came to mind this morning to describe our time together was “exceptional”, which I think says it all!!!”
–Elliot G.

“An enormous thank you. It was the most fulfilling 4 days of my life. You opened my eyes to things I never imagined. I began to feel the transformation taking place the second morning I woke up. The principles and zeal you left me with will continue to have a profound impact on how I see myself, others and life. It has already influenced personally and professionally and I’m optimistic it will for a lifetime.”
–Tom Jump

“This (program) allowed me to experience warm and loving feelings in significant relationships that had been fraught with challenges and difficulty. To be free from the pain of constant negativity, judgment, and criticism was immensely pleasurable, blissful, even euphoric.”
– Susan, wife, mother and active community volunteer

“The benefits (of this program), on a personal note, are many. There is just a different feeling I have when being with my wife of 41 years. There is an inner peace and happiness. I cannot put words to this feeling, it just exists, like an inner glow and brings my level of well-being to a very high state and I like it.”
– Gary, Program Manager, IT Services Company

“In 1996 my marriage fell apart and I was referred to Pransky & Associates by my brother-in-law. I attended an Intensive 4-day program in La Conner and read The Relationship Handbook. The new way of thinking allowed me to forgive my former spouse and myself and ultimately enter into a healthy, giving relationship where no one struggles to win."  

"In all of the relationships in my life —friends, my son, my stepdaughters, my co-workers — I can’t stress enough the significance of the impact these principles have had on my life. I will be forever grateful for the revelations I received into human longings and behavior as a result of Pransky & Associates.”
– Becky G., wife and mother

“On September 4th John and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary together! We didn’t believe that would be possible before we had the pleasure of our intensive weekend with you. We still tell the story obout the hotel clerck in La Conner. He asked us what they did over there at Pranskys? Why, we asked. He said, everyone comes asking for separate rooms and by the end of the weekend they are lovey dovey. What’s up? They must be doing some sex therapy! We rolled laughing! Yep that’s right... the sex therapy is unbelievable! Thank you! It is still working, hehe. We are working together to love life in the moment. ”
–Cindy and John P.

“My daughter and I came to La Conner looking for hope – not an answer, but a way. We were both caught up in our thoughts I still find it amazing that I could hear anything at all … I remember driving away knowing that we had found a way – that I could let go of my fear and trust that we would both be ok.”
–Lynn R., mother of teenage daughter

“The other day one of my girls was really worked up and upset about something she was going through. I’m coming at it with much more openness and not judgment. I have confidence in their capacity to handle what they’re going through. And that gives them that confidence too. It’s not scary to me anymore to go through all the transitions that they’re going through like the teen years, going to college. I see the positive things in every phase.There is such an extreme difference for me in the way I was living my life now and the way I was living it before I came to see you. I’m so grateful not to be in the head-space anymore, because it wasn’t doing me much good. ”
–Tracy T.

“I had to break the news to my nine year old that the family was moving and it was very dramatic and difficult. He was really upset. In the past I would have thought about what I was going to say before having the conversation and I didn’t, the words just came quickly. I thought I would have to have that conversation a few times with him but I saw a change in him, immediately. Before that conversation it was a couple of days of tears, he wasn’t sleeping, he was upset. But this conversation really made a change. He’s able to have that fresh approach to it now. He’s able to feel ok about it. He’s not freaking out, he’s not super excited, he’s just experiencing it. He’s got a calmness about it now. And it’s amazing because it was just a simple conversation. Before I came to Pransky’s it would have gone a lot differently. Thank you.”
–Lisa E.

“After coming to Pranskys we looked at the world in a completely different way. We just kind of slowed things down with our kids. We realize that we can deal with anything. It’s very hard, you know, we have a 1 and a 3 year old so they’re very demanding and it takes a lot of time to care for them, but the emotional struggles that we had, the emotional tantrums, we know better how to handle that. I think it’s such a beautiful experience for us because my husband and I were able to work on our own relationship and now we can model that for our children, for them to see what it’s like to be respectful of other people and to be heard, and listen to other people and to respond in a way that is really reflective, and then see how the other person responds – I think that’s really powerful.”
–Chet C.

“Simply stated, having the Pransky team conduct a four day workshop for our senior people was the wisest investment that we ever made in our corporate history.”
–Chairman of an international law firm

“Through the course of the program, I realized how much time I spend thinking about what everyone around me is doing wrong, both at home and at work and that I spend even more time griping to other people and writing memos and emails about all this wrong-doing. It just consumed me. Once I realized I was doing it and I stopped, I found that I had 3 extra hours in my day. That’s how much time and energy I’d wasted, and it’s as if someone came along and gifted me 3 hours every day. It’s pretty incredible.”
–John, Contracts Supervisor, BAE Systems

“I thank Pransky & Associates … your leadership courses have a direct application to business (and life in general). My psychological well-being is more constant with much less lows and highs. I take life’s experiences in stride. Life seems easier … I have less “kinks” in life and relationships. I am more open-minded. I am more willing to be influenced … Sure, I still have down times but I see them for what they are: a product of my thinking. I find it easier to snap out of it. This has helped at work, where it all started. It has helped the company bottom line by tapping into the potential of our people.”
–Ron, BAE Systems

“When the National Network of Estate planning Attorneys set up their educational Courses I knew there was a need for a quality of life course, but frankly, I didn’t think such a course could be taught. I thought that attorney’s ability to enjoy their jobs was a personality trait- you either had it or you didn’t. The course I attended showed me that I was dead wrong with the assumption. Indeed our attorneys learned to work more gracefully and with more enjoyment. That course made a difference in their lives and as their stress level went down, their practices prospered.”
–Rob, National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys

“My continued thanks to … the Pransky & Associates team that helped our group see things as possible that once were not.”
–David, Program Manager, BAE Systems, Inc.

“Many, many thanks for a great week. It is not often that I leave a training experience feeling that it somehow changed me fundamentally, but that is exactly what your leadership course did. Again, thanks to you and your team, I look forward to more!”
–Tom, Manager

“I sat in the kitchen today at work listening to co-workers try to deal with my boss’s mood and attitude. In a non-judgmental way, I realized how liberating it was that I didn’t have to deal with that nonsense and get as worked up as they were. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It was amazing. With each and every one of these little moments I find a deeper sense of happiness. Just a note to say once again THANK YOU.”
–Andrea, Structured Credit Analyst

“Between work, two small boys, multiple family illnesses and a war I was trying to forget, my world felt like one of constant reaction and confusion.

On day 2 of the leadership course, something clicked and things have never been the same. Your talented team brought out the husband/father/son/co-worker I had forgotten was inside me. With a fresh, energized outlook on life I will never again allow my true self to be “stolen” by circumstances.”
–Gerald F.

“Many thanks for a great week. It is not often that I leave a training feeling that it has somehow changed me fundamentally but that is exactly what this training did. Again thanks to you and your team.”
–Tom W.

“George and Linda Pransky are the people that introduced me to The Principles and that took me under their wing trained, developed and mentored me. Without them I would not be the practitioner I am today. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to be their student and learn from them. Every day of my professional life I am grateful for that.

In my experience George and Linda stand apart in their ability to train and develop others. They are both extremely grounded and see the profound central importance of personal grounding to everything else. But in addition to this they also bring a grounded and practical approach to the moment-to-moment day-to-day practice of working with others and building a practice. They do all this without compromising either side of this equation. This makes their approach deep, grounded, enriching but also practical and impactful. They combine these in a way that strengthens an understanding of the relationship between them. Through my work and learning with them I have discovered the enriching and unavoidable link between grounding and practice. Through this experience my work and my learning have become a self-supporting system that benefits my clients and my own learning.

George and Linda are fairly unique in the way they engage with their trainees. They meet everyone where they are at, endeavor to understand them and use that understanding to relentlessly push them forward. That is why many of the best practitioners have been their students and why they are both integral parts of our professional institute."
–Aaron Turner, Co-Founder One Thought Institute


 "George and Linda have been the most instrumental part of my development as a 3 principles professional. Simply put, I feel they've taught me everything I know! Their commitment to constantly listening, learning, and being curious in their own lives has shown me that there truly is no end to seeing the depth of these principles. And more than anything, I feel forever grateful to have come across their paths and been a student of theirs, as I feel they taught me, pushed me and nurtured me in a way no others would have. They show a commitment to their students and colleagues that is unparalleled. And even though I'm technically no longer their intern or employee, I feel I am forever learning from them."
–Mara Gleason, CEO, Cofounder One Thought Institute


"George and Linda Pransky have had a direct impact on my continuing success as a principle based consultant. They are my role models as to what it takes to generate business and for me to be a role model to others. I had a front row seat while working for them for over 6 years. If anyone wants to learn how to thrive as an entrepreneur and also create profound change in the world through individuals, families, and organizations, I would emphatically recommend spending time learning from them."
–Cathy Casey, Private Practice, Formerly Lead Trainer at Santa Clara County Drug & Alcohol Services Department


"Through these past 30 plus years George and Linda Pransky have been mentors, colleagues and friends. Linda and George have been in the forefront as teachers of The Principles as discovered by Sydney Banks. Their influence has been prominent both prior to Syd's death in 2009 and since that time. Throughout the years they have been a major influence in the development of a multitude of Three Principles practitioners."
–William F Petti Jr MD, Co owner, Three Principles Intervention LLC
Former Associate Professor of Psychiatry, West Virginia University


"I first met George Pransky through his writing, and then had the good fortune to meet him and his wife Linda in person back in 2007. They have served as coaches, mentors, and in many ways role models for me as I have deepened my understanding of the 3 Principles and transformed my life and practice. I've found them to be at times nurturing, at times challenging, but always forthright, startlingly wise and profoundly inspirational. The town of La Conner is a perfect setting to deepen your grounding - its rustic charm and gentle pace of life serves as both example and reflection of the quiet beauty that is our birthright. I have incredibly fond memories of the time I have spent there, and highly recommend the people, the place, and the program."
–Michael Neill, Author The Inside Out Revolution


"I have known George and Linda for well over 20 years and during this time I have learned so much from their counsel and guidance. George has been my primary mentor together with Syd Banks in terms of developing a deeper and deeper understanding of the Principles. I would wholeheartedly recommend both George and Linda for those who want to learn what the Principles are all about as well as those who want to teach the Principles to others. Additionally George's perspective on the role of the Principles in relationship to Leadership/business success makes him an outstanding mentor for folks in the private business sector. The bottom line is that both George and Linda are remarkable Mentors that I believe can significantly help those who want to truly understand how life operates and as a result live happy and productive lives."
–Dick Bozoian


"In a word, George and Linda Pransky have been an inspirational component of my life. Many years ago, we began a mentoring relationship that continues to this day—with their wisdom, love, and support at the heart of my ability to reach others as a principle-based practitioner. George and Linda have set the standard in teaching the principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. I thank my lucky stars for my association with these two wonderful people."
–Garret Kramer, founder of Inner Sports and author of Stillpower and The Path of No Resistance


"In my development as a practitioner of the principles we inherited from Sydney Banks' insights and epiphany, George Pransky was an invaluable and deeply appreciated mentor and trainer. As long as I have known him, he has carried a deep presence, a keen intellectual understanding of how these principles apply to personal life and relationships and an effective way of communicating that understanding to both clients and practitioners. He provided not only a clear and solid framework for grasping the principles and their applications but an ability to transfer that understanding to many of us trying to find our way to doing the same for others. I consider the many years we worked together as a gift in my development and part of my foundation in my current career."
–Ken Manning, Ph.D., President, Insight Principles, Inc.


"Their warm hearted and understanding style makes it easy to address your doubts, questions, and concerns. They have a way of making you feel the potential to realize your way to developing as an impactful three principles practitioner. It is fun working with them, particularly, as you gain insights about the principles. They treat you as a colleague on this road to discovery. They are the masters of both the understanding of the principles and how to teach this understanding to others.

Linda and George Pransky are pioneers in bringing the principles to the world. Their grounding and insight for the principles is very deep and, really, unparalleled in our principles community. In fact, they have created many of the ideas that are now being presented by three principles practitioners worldwide."
–Mark Howard, PhD. Three Principles Institute


"After I had my personal experience with Syd Banks where my mind felt blown apart, even though I knew I was forever changed I had no idea how to integrate this Truth into my personal life. George became my mentor and took me under his wing. I am forever indebted to him for helping it all make sense in a very practical way, for deepening my grounding considerably and for helping me see how to effectively teach from the inside-out. And it was Linda who truly helped me to understand deep listening and to see some of my hidden thinking. I simply don't know where I would be in my understanding without George and Linda. They are phenomenal mentors and I highly recommend them."
–Jack Pransky, Ph.D., Author, Somebody Should Have Told Us!, Modello, and more, Director, Center for Inside-Out Understanding


"Both George and Linda have helped me deepen my understanding of the principles tremendously. I think that anyone who has the opportunity to study the principles with George and Linda Pransky is very fortunate."
–Annika Hurwitt Schahn, Ph.D.


"The critical aspect of seeing clearly how to work from the Three Principles is discovering internal quietude -- the capacity to listen and connect to one's own wisdom. Pransky & Associates provides mentorship that offers opportunities to observe, learn, practice and reflect, exposing mentors to many clients in many situations and offering multiple opportunities to meet other practitioners. Their approach to mentorship is heartfelt and multi-dimensional. In a beautiful setting, among warm and friendly colleagues with a profound understanding of the Principles and unshakeable faith in people, the journey of discovery is natural."
–Judy Sedgeman


"George Pransky is in a class by himself in his ability to help professionals relate to their clients. What I learned from his course enabled me to have a deeper rapport with clients without having to increase the time I spent with these clients. The result - the clients trusted me more, I enjoyed my practice more, and my referral rate went up significantly. I couldn't possibly endorse his course more enthusiastically."
–Rob G., Attorney


"I thought I had a pretty deep understanding of the principles before I came out. My goal going out was to go deeper and see how I could teach the principles in sport and I can't tell you how many insights I've had since I've been here. I thought I was going deep before but (after coming to La Conner) I suddenly understood what depth was. And something like that is your foundation for everything."
–Ed T. Mental conditioning coach

"My life has genuinely transformed during the period of this course and the coaching sessions. Thank you for a brilliant learning experience."  Francesco B.

"After taking this course, I am more relaxed and easy about life. I understand how life works and am able to go with the flow more - less resistance and more ease. I enjoy the little things of life in a new way and feel a sense of freedom and security I hadn't felt before. I feel connected to others and to Mind - it is a lovely feeling." Mary C.

"It is easier to let emotional things go!" Mindy M.

"I am less defensive...less threatened when someone says something that is not congruent with my thought system and am more curious and interested in the other's point of view...this all makes life more interesting and more fun!" Ann F.


"[The INSIGHT Course] has opened my eyes to how normal it is to get off track, and to get back on track quickly; free of criticism. Losing and regaining my emotional balance, just like walking, normal and trouble free."  Enrique R.

"I found the multi-media aspect great...lecture, animation, metaphor, webinars, and coaching...the total experience made this really unique...I've never gone so far in such a short period of time!!!!" Elaine H.


"For the first time in my life, I find myself actually looking at the future with full-throttle excitement. While I've always tended to be a "positive thinker" I had become aware of an underlying fear that never seemed to go away. But, it's gone now! Life really is a smorgasbord and not the scavenger hunt that I was living!" Elaine H.


"I am a happier person because of the course - plain and simple. I see the world and my life in a profoundly new way and feel "safe" despite circumstance. The promise of the course was met and the effect has exceeded my expectations. Thank You!" Andreas M.


"A deeper understanding in the understanding of the principles which allowed me to become more conscious of what was going on when the feelings I was experiencing was stressful. Compassion for myself when I was experiencing stressful thoughts and knowing I was just experiencing my thoughts as feelings and that I created it."    Lana B.


"During the course, I saw myself relax into the Principles, experiencing them in a more matter of fact and settled way. I feel a new level of integration and trust." Molly G.

More testimonials coming soon.

Kara & Erika guide you along the way and help keep the insights real and applicable for everyone. This is not theory, this is real-world, practical, powerful information! Everyone around me has noticed the difference. I'm more clear, I don't get as derailed by low thinking and I'm walking around with a smile rather than an intense feeling of having to figure it all out. –Véronique Pivetta