“This (program) allowed me to experience warm and loving feelings in significant relationships that had been fraught with challenges and difficulty. To be free from the pain of constant negativity, judgment, and criticism was immensely pleasurable, blissful, even euphoric."

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How it works

Everyone has ups and downs, hang-ups, and bad habits that can easily spill out into our relationships. And yet there are couples that get closer and more compatible over time.

There's something people can understand, or completely misunderstand, about how thinking works. That factor alone has a huge influence over how well their relationships work out. In fact that has a much bigger influence than their personality type, their upbringing, communication skills, or the circumstances they’re in.

Our programs give people a solid grasp of the way thinking works, and the ways it can work against them. Once people wake up to what we're showing them, it changes them. And that completely changes the chemistry of their relationships.

Our Results

Our results show up in several ways. Our clients end up dropping a lot of their habits because they start to see themselves creating a lot of the drama and tension they used to blame on their mate. They spend less time pointing fingers, getting defensive or withdrawn, and are less willing to keep on fighting. They learn how to hang in there and see things through. Our clients range from couples who are getting along but are looking for more closeness, to couples that are disconnected, feel more like roommates, and are facing affairs, separation, or divorce.

We don’t do counseling or therapy. We have a very different way of handling people’s pasts, their issues, and their ‘baggage.’ We have found that with some good, solid direction, couples can get back what they had, more than they had it before.


4-Day Couples Intensive in La Conner, WA.....$7,500

This program lets people disengage from their daily lives and focus on each person and on the relationship itself. This program's built on the idea that if each person starts thinking more clearly, more objectively, and with more common sense, the relationship changes enormously, and instantly. Each person is paired with a consultant and will meet with that consultant twice each day. Sessions average 1 ½ hours each. There will be breaks in between sessions for reflection and review of supporting materials. Phone intake, follow-up, and materials are included in this program. This program is offered year round, 7 days a week. Please contact us for availability.

Cost: $7,500/couple

This program can also be conducted on site at a couple’s home. Certain requirements must be met and different pricing applies. Please call for details.

INSIGHT for Relationships Online Course

This is a resource for a person or a couple who would like to each improve their own functioning in a relationship.  From this course you will learn the fundamentals of what it takes to be a responsible member of a relationship.  Both people do not need to take the course for it to have an impact on the relationship. Optional coaching packages available.  Click here for more information.

Choosing a program

If you’re not sure which program is right for you or you want to find out what kind of results you could realistically expect, please contact us (free of charge) and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

What people are saying about our couples programs

“This (program) allowed me to experience warm and loving feelings in significant relationships that had been fraught with challenges and difficulty. To be free from the pain of constant negativity, judgment, and criticism was immensely pleasurable, blissful, even euphoric.”
— Susan, wife, mother and active community volunteer


“The benefits (of this program), on a personal note, are many. Fpr example, there's just a different feeling I have when being with my wife of 41 years. There is an inner peace and happiness. I cannot put words to this feeling, it just exists, like an inner glow and brings my level of well-being to a very high state and I like it.”
— Gary, Program Manager, IT Services Company


“In 1996 my marriage fell apart and I was referred to Pransky & Associates by my brother-in-law. I attended an intensive 4-day session in La Conner and read The Relationship Handbook. The new way of thinking allowed me to forgive my former spouse and myself and ultimately enter into a healthy, giving relationship where no one struggles to win."

"In all of the relationships in my life -- friends, my son, my stepdaughters, my co-workers -- I can’t stress enough the significance of the impact these principles have had. I will be forever grateful for the revelations I received into human longings and behavior as a result of Pransky & Associates.”
— Becky G., wife and mother


“On September 4th John and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary together! We didn’t believe that would be possible before we had the pleasure of our intensive weekend with you. We still tell the story obout the hotel clerk in La Conner. He asked us what they did over there at "Pransky"? When we asked why, he said, "when couples arrive, they're asking for separate rooms, and by the end of the weekend they are lovey-dovey. They must be doing some sex therapy." We laughed so hard!  Thank you! It is still working. We are working together to love life in the moment. ”
— Cindy and John P.