Our Four Day One-on-One Intensive Program

What Is It?

Four days, one-on-one with an experienced and personable consultant discussing anything and everything that's on your mind and teaching you the exact things that you need to learn to make your life easier and better. The consultant listens and expertly guides you from what's wrong to help you to see your life circumstances in a way that is manageable and insightful and allows you to feel free from the burden you arrived with.  

We are not counselors and we are not coaches. We do not solve your problems but we listen to understand them and teach you what you need to know to solve them yourself. Then we make sure that you are able to generalize what you have learned to whatever life may throw at you in the future.

The Setting:

The setting is important to the process. Four days away from home and all of the challenges of home. Relax into a retreat-like setting. La Conner is an idyllic waterfront town with only 750 residents, making it small and intimate. All hotels, restaurants and shops are within walking distance of our office. There's no need to get into a car the entire time you're here.

The Skagit Valley is the pearl of the Pacific Northwest, boasting views of the Puget Sound, the Cascade mountain range and abundant farmland. The beauty of the valley draws artists that sell their art in the uniquely un-touristy shops. As La Conner is just an hour and a half from both Seattle and Vancouver, either is an easy day trip. We benefit from a disproportionate number of great restaurants that serve food fresh from farm and sea.

As quiet reflection is an important part of the learning process, you couldn't find a better location to spend four days. If you visit on your own you will find the intimate and friendly setting comforting and easy. For couples, even if there's tension between you, the easy and relaxed atmosphere is a perfect backdrop for reconnection.

If you are coming as an individual check out our page that outlines the philosophy that our work is based on and how we help people by clicking here.

Individual or Relationship

If you're coming for relationship help, we have a unique method of working with couples. The logic of our approach is that relationship problems occur because one or both people in a relationship are contributing to the relationship dynamic. When people come as a couple, the emphasis is on helping each person in the relationship see what they need to see in order to improve the dynamic.

This logic and process of helping couples has two implications: firstly, it's very different from most work that couples do in a therapeutic program and makes the program more productive and pleasant. Secondly, and more importantly, it means that each person walks away with something for themselves, in addition to whatever benefit the relationship gains. To learn more about what we can do for couples click here, and to learn more about what we can do for an individual click here



Q: Where do I stay and how are the arrangements made?

A: You stay in one of the local hotels, within walking distance of our office. When your intensive is scheduled our administrative staff talk to you about your preferences and needs and they make reservations using our preferred rates. You book your flight and transportation, we book the hotel and send you a confirmation with all of the logistics you need.

Q: What hotel will I be staying in?  

A: We have a working relationship with two excellent hotels in La Conner. The Channel Lodge is our waterfront hotel and their sister hotel is The La Conner Country Inn, a charming lodge-type hotel right next door to our office. Both are within easy walking distance. If you have particular needs for accommodations we have lots of options available. Just contact us and we can find the perfect place for you to stay.

Q: How do I get there?

A: You can fly into the Seattle/Tacoma International Airport or The Vancouver BC Airport (you'll have to factor in border crossing). They are both about 1-2 hours drive to La Conner. There is a smaller airport that is only about 45 minutes from us called the Bellingham International Airport with limited service.

Q: Does the price of the program include lodging and travel?

A: No, all expenses for travel, accommodation and meals are separate and not included in the cost of the intensive.

Q: I want to sign up, what do I do next?  

A: Just call our office, decide on dates that work and share any hotel preferences with our friendly office staff. The office will book your hotel and send you a confirmation with all of the relevant information you need. Book your flight and you're all set!

Q: What if I have more questions or am still unsure if this program is right for me?

A: We understand that this is a big commitment and we welcome any questions. Please call our office and we are happy to answer all of your questions.


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