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Do You Worry About Your Future? Three Reasons You Don't Have To

People have a hard time with uncertainty. Our imaginations tend to run wild, filling in the blanks with worst-case scenarios and what-ifs.  There are a few things you can understand about the workings of your mind that will help keep your feet on the ground and get your faith and confidence back when you don’t know how, or if, life’s going to turn out okay.  In four 1-hour webinars, Erika Bugbee and Kara Stamback will lay out three things that will help put your mind at ease no matter how many unknowns there are or how much is at stake. 


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Can't measure up to your own high standards? Be the person you want to be, without the wear and tear. 

We all have a set of values or standards that we feel define us. Sometimes in life those values stop making sense, become impossible, or wear you down. The result is a steady diet of frustration, scrambling, feeling like you're letting yourself or other people down, or that you have to make a constant effort to uphold your own standards. This webinar series will show you what it takes to maintain a set of standards that reflect your values, who you are, and what matters most to you, without the constant feeling that you're falling down. 


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