“I am calmer and more productive as a result (of the online course)- The tools have helped me cope with many difficult situations”
-LI on The User Manual Online Course

Audio CDs and MP3s

Create your own custom distance learning program from materials in our store.  

We have been making CDs for over 30 years and we have a vast library of topics relevant to every person in every situation.  People have been really helped by these materials and most are just $12 for an instant download.  Visit our store to browse the different categories and types of media to find a topic that sounds good.  Listen to it in your car, on your ipod or on your laptop.  The more oftten you listen, the more benefit you get.


Some of our popular titles include:



The materials are availalbe as single topics, series or bundles.  There are samples for almost all of the audio titles so you can see if the topic interests you before you buy it.

Feel free to ask us for a recommendation!


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