"My daughter and I came to La Conner looking for hope – not an answer, but a way.  I remember driving away knowing that we had found a way – that I could let go of my fear and trust that we would both be ok.”"

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As parents, we all want our kids to be happy, productive, get along well in life, and still like us when it’s all said and done. We want to be able to keep it together enough to lay down the law and somehow still be loving. Most of the time we’d say we do a decent job of parenting, often a great job, but who doesn’t wish they could pull it together faster when things heat up instead of getting tense and tight? And when we do get tense, we want to feel like making mistakes doesn’t mean we’re bad parents. We also want to know that our kids will turn out despite our mistakes.

We’re human. We’re always going to have our shortcomings, our off-days, and our bad moods. And so will our kids. Contrary to popular belief, we can’t control our thinking any more than we can control our kids’ thinking. The one thing we can do is get a solid understanding of how our thinking works, where it comes from, and the single reason why parenting is exactly the same as sports and business leadership: it’s 100% mental. We don’t help people try to control their thinking and that’s what makes us different. We help people understand the mental side of life in a way that is real, practical, and changes us and the way we raise our kids.

Our results show up in two ways. Our clients spend less time in overwhelm and frustration, less time saying and doing things as parents that they swore they’d never say and do. Our clients find themselves more patient with themselves and their kids, more able to keep their cool when their kids say something cruel or run with the wrong crowd. Parenting is just easier.


4-Day Intensive in La Conner, WA.....$5,000/individual or $7,500/couple

During this 4-day retreat in our small, scenic town, you'll have one-on-one meetings with your consultant twice each day. The break in between sessions is designed for reflection and review of supporting materials. The meetings consist of discussion and directive learning that is specifically oriented to each parent’s current situation. A large part of the success of this program is the ability to disengage from the daily workings of life for 4 days, be able to step back and look at a bigger picture, and learn about something that can change everything about your parenting. Phone follow-up is included in the program and helps keep the learning alive after you return home. This program is offered year-round, 7 days a week. Please contact us for availability.

Cost: $5,000/individual or $7,500/couple

Start Anytime INSIGHT.....$595 course only $1,615 with coaching

This program is a hybrid of our previous Skype Program and our online courses.  It uses the INSIGHT Online Course as a foundation for learning and the 4 one-on-one Skype or phone sessions customizes what you're learning to your situation.  A very cost effective alternative to on site programs and has an advantage in that the INSIGHT course content is downloadable and can be used to reinforce the learning after the program is finished.  

Since we launched our Online Learning courses we have been overwhelmed with feedback that virtual learning has created deep and meaningful change in people's lives.  The INSIGHT course represents over 2 years of research and development into the most effective delivery of online learning and culmination of 30 years of teaching this approach to clients.  Troubled people and high functioning people and everyone in between have been helped by this course. 

The INSIGHT Online Course takes you step-by-step through the basics of what you need to know to find freedom from the upset, fear, stress, pressure and anxiety that so many people live with.  It is an in-depth and multi-media virtual course shows people how their thinking works, how that effects the way they feel in their lives and how it is possible to change.  Click here for more information including sample videos and freqently asked questions.  

This is a custom session of our INSIGHT online course.  It is the same course that is scheduled a few times a year but with this session you can start anytime.  This session is different from the scheduled INSIGHT session in these ways:

  • Coaching is included.  4 hour-long coaching calls (or Skype) are included in the price of this program.  They are scheduled at weeks 2. 4, 6 and 8.
  • All of the lessons are available to you as soon as you get access to the course.  We still recommend that you view the lessons once a week to get the most impact of the course.  If you would like to spend more time with the material than the 1 hour a week we recommend that you watch that week's lesson more than once.
  • There are no live webinars for the Start Anytime Session.  There are two recorded webinars from the most recent scheduled session of INSIGHT that you can listen to.
  • The facebook forum is available to you but may not be as active as it is during the scheduled sessions.

Cost: $595 course only/$1,615 with coaching

Click here for more information including videos and comments from people who have taken the course.

Choosing a program

If you’re not sure which program is right for you or want to find out what kind of results you could realistically expect, please contact us (free of charge) and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

What people are saying about our parenting programs

 “The other day one of my girls was really worked up and upset about something she was going through. I found that I came at it with much more openness and not judgment. I have confidence in their capacity to handle what they’re going through. And that gives them that confidence too. It’s not scary to me anymore to go through all the transitions that they’re going through like the teen years, going to college. I see the positive things in every phase.

There is such an extreme difference for me in the way I was living my life now and the way I was living it before I came to see you. I’m so grateful not to be in the head-space anymore, because it wasn’t doing me much good. ”
—Tracy T.


 “I had to break the news to my nine year old that the family was moving and it was very dramatic and difficult. He was really upset. In the past I would have thought about what I was going to say before having the conversation and I didn’t, the words just came quickly. I thought I would have to have that conversation a few times with him but I saw a change in him, immediately. Before that conversation it was a couple of days of tears, he wasn’t sleeping, he was upset. But this conversation really made a change. He’s able to have that fresh approach to it now. He’s able to feel ok about it. He’s not freaking out, he’s not super excited, he’s just experiencing it. He’s got a calmness about it now. And it’s amazing because it was just a simple conversation. Before I came to Pransky’s it would have gone a lot differently. Thank you.”

—Lisa E.


 “After coming to Pranskys we looked at the world in a completely different way. We just kind of slowed things down with our kids. We realize that we can deal with anything. It’s very hard, you know, we have a 1 and a 3 year old so they’re very demanding and it takes a lot of time to care for them, but the emotional struggles that we had, the emotional tantrums, we know better how to handle that. I think it’s such a beautiful experience for us because my husband and I were able to work on our own relationship and now we can model that for our children, for them to see what it’s like to be respectful of other people and to be heard, and listen to other people and to respond in a way that is really reflective, and then see how the other person responds – I think that’s really powerful.”

—Chet C.