4-Month Small Group Mentoring Program

4-Month Small Group Mentoring Program

 If you’re a practitioner or have a desire to be a practitioner in this field you’ve probably heard the statement, “Grounding is Everything”. We agree and here’s what it means to us:

  • In life and in our work there is no greater leverage point than our understanding, our grounding, in the principles. We have seen this over and over again for ourselves, for our clients and for the practitioners we have trained.
  • Our grounding is evident in the way we build our practice, the way we live our life and most importantly in our work with clients.
  • If we focus on deepening our understanding, it can’t help but be transferred into our work.
  • The best practitioners in this field get this and no matter how long they’ve been teaching they understand that there is always more to see.

 Ultimately, we can only teach what we know for ourselves, as evidenced by how we live our lives. There is an important distinction between what resonates as a truth and then what becomes real for us and feeds into our lives. In our work with practitioners our goal is help them move from something that resonates to something that is alive and absolutely true.

 It is a proven axiom in the principle community that to have impact you must stick to what you ‘know’ or you’ll lose your audience/client. Given that, your grounding is the only way to expand your message. As your grounding and understanding deepens, what it reveals for you also increases and grows. You have more to say and you’ll be more certain about what you say.

 Those practitioners that embrace the life-long potential of this understanding for their lives, not just their work, have profound impact and long-standing careers.

 What is the 4-month Small Group Mentoring Program?

Over the years as we’ve worked with practitioners from around the world we continue to see evidence of the above. From that place it just makes sense to develop a program that allows us to get to the heart of the matter. In addition, there is your grounding and then there is your confidence to go with your grounding. This program marries the two and closes the gap between grounding and confidence.

 Similar to our other practitioner development programs this will be lead by Barb Patterson, Linda Pransky & George Pransky.

 As we discussed the design and how we wanted to do it, we were clear that we wanted it to have depth, be intimate and face-to-face with multiple opportunities to connect. This design would allow us to build on the momentum and support participations in their evolution.

 Here’s what the program  looks like:

  • Small group, intimate, in-depth experience over 4 months
  • Maximum number of participants is 15
  • 3 in-person group sessions (4 days in La Conner, WA)
    • Lead by Barb Patterson, Linda Pransky & George Pransky
    • This will include large group, small group and one-on-one sessions that will take place while we’re all together
    • One-on-one intake calls prior to the start of the program & follow-up calls after the program is over conducted by Barb, Linda & George
    • Additional small group webinars lead by our mentees that will take place in-between the in-person group sessions

 Who is this program for?

  • This program is for anyone who is interested in sharing this understanding either as a teacher or practitioner for their own business or as an internal resource
  • You are committed to spreading the message of the principles to others
  • You are interested in taking your own understanding to a deeper level for your life and your work

 What is the benefit of participating?

  • Accelerate and deepen your own grounding in the principles
  • Increase your clarity and confidence and expand your reach
  • Greater impact with your clients
  • Benefit from our 35+ years experience in teaching the principles, helping practitioners see important distinctions in this understanding that will be relevant for your life and your work
  • Get an up-close view and insight into our personal experiences teaching and working with clients
  • Share this learning with a group of like-minded global participants
  • Deepen your understanding through hearing the insights of others in an intimate setting while at the same time having the program customized & relevant for you personally.

 How much does it cost?


*Does not include hotel, travel or meal  costs during your stay

When does it take place?

The program will take place over a 4-month period April 2015 - September 2015

In-person dates:

April 30-May3rd

June 25th-28th

August 27th-30th


Small group webinars will take place between the in-person sessions.


We will begin at 1pm on Thursday and end at 1pm on Sunday to allow people to fly out that night.


For questions: mail@pranskyandassociates.com

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For questions: mail@pranskyandassociates.com


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