The Entrepreneurial Advantage

A 12 Week live interactive program with Dr. George Pransky and Michael Neill

Are you an entrepreneur, solopreneur, business owner, or independent contractor?


Ask any ten people off the street if they'd like to work for themselves and be their own boss and nine out of the ten would answer with a resounding "yes!" After all, business owners get to set their own hours, make more than they would make in a comparable job as employees, have open ended earnings, and accumulate equity as a matter of course. But even though nine out of ten people would choose to be entrepreneurs, only one person in ten can pull it off. Research shows that 90% of new businesses fail within two years, and even the ones that succeed report that it was tougher and more stressful than they had ever imagined.

What is the difference that makes the difference with that one person?

In over 60 years of experience working as and with entrepreneurs and businesses of all shapes and sizes, we believe we've identified the key success discriminator - what we call "the entrepreneurial advantage".  Some people just seem cut out for entrepreneurship - they have a real passion for what they do, a willingness to do what it takes, a love of the learning curve, and a nose for possibility. But you don't have to be born with an entrepreneurial disposition to thrive - you just need to tap into a very specific capacity of the mind that is available to anyone and under any circumstance. Uncovering and learning to operate more consistently from this deeper quality of mind is the goal and purpose of this program.

This program is for you if you fit any (or all) of these descriptions:

"I feel like I'm all dressed up with no place to go..."
You have inspired ideas, a ton of training, and are ready to take on the world, but don't really know where to start or how to build momentum. Learning about the entrepreneurial advantage will push you into action and help you to make the most of the "Ready, Aim, Fire!" approach that is such a key part of successful entrepreneurship.

"There has to be a better way..."

Your business is up and running, but things seem to get more stressful month by month and it feels like for every two steps forward life knocks you three steps back. As you get used to operating from more productive states of mind, you will become what some of our clients have described as"discouragement proof". Your new understanding of what it takes to win the hearts and minds of others will tilt the odds in your favor in sales conversations, and your increased clarity of mind will make decision making at even the highest level simpler and less stressful than ever before.

"I'm ready to take things to the next level..."

You already have a successful business, but you're itching for the next challenge and the next level of success. For you, the entrepreneurial advantage will be the edge you've been seeking - a consolidation of what you already know and an opening up to the next level of possibility. By being at your best more of the time (and doing less damage when you're not), you'll be able to expand the scale and scope of what you do without adding to your already busy workload.

With all the uncertainties and surprises that come with entrepreneurship, a stable, creative, and resilient mindset is at a premium. This mindset is as invisible as oxygen and just as essential to bringing your business to life and keeping it going through good times and bad. Through a combination of live training and interactive webinars, we will be coaching you in real time around your business issues, and showing you time and again how unleashing the entrepreneurial advantage is the only thing between you and the business (or businesses) of your dreams.

We know this to be true: there are deeper reserves of insight, creativity, and natural confidence that are waiting to be unleashed inside you. If this program is for you, we look forward to being part of your journey. 

What George has to say about Michael:

"In my mind, competent people - in whatever field of endeavor - fall into one of two categories. One category is what I would call 'unconscious competents'. These people are very good at what they do but they don't really understand what's behind their capability.

The second category is what I would call 'conscious competents'. These people are not only good at what they do, they also know what's behind this competence. These conscious competents, though few and far between, are the great teachers of the world. Michael Neill is one such person. He has displayed decades of competence as an entrepreneur in the coaching field. Because he is one of those rare conscious competents, he has not only been able to teach people coaching but also what it takes to be successful in business of any kind. It is very exciting for me to have an opportunity to co-teach on such a rich and inspirational topic with him."

What Michael has to say about George:

"The philosopher Colin Wilson labeled Dr. George Pransky "the greatest psychologist of our time", and when I was first introduced to the principles behind the inside-out understanding, it was his work that both inspired me and led the way. Inspired by the work of Sydney Banks, George evolved a "psychology of Mind" that identifies a deep understanding of state of mind and healthy psychological functioning as both the cause and effect of personal satisfaction and business success.

As I've gotten to know and work with George over the past eight years, I've continued to be impressed by his boundless creativity, warm humor, and fierce commitment to helping everyone he works with stay in the conversation until they get everything they came for and more. I'm incredibly excited to be co-creating this program with George and all of you who join us, and I know our businesses (and most likely our lives) will have indelibly changed for the better by the time we are through! "


“Incredible know how; fantastic tools; results for all to see. Take a deep breath – your life is about to change for the better.”
– Sanjay Mehta, Head of Industry Solutions, Oracle Communications

"If Superman needed a coach, he'd hire Michael Neill."
-Geoff Hinsley, Executive Coach

"I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. This year I stand to earn more than I have ever earned in my life and my work is easier as I feel I am much more in the flow and it's not such a struggle. Thank you - you have changed my life more than you know."
-James J. Phillips, Principal, International Economic Development Associates

“George's perspective on the role of the Principles in relationship to Leadership/business success makes him an outstanding mentor for folks in the private business sector.”

-Dick Bozoian, Business Leader

“I used to feel very pressured and was losing sight of the big picture, feeling frustrated. This has allowed me to take a big step back. Everybody at the company has seen the difference. Meetings go better, things are easier. I stay calm and bring the point across. I am more open to listening. There is no question there has been change in the quality of relationships throughout the company. Everything is calmer, easier, and more productive now.”

-Tony D., Business Leader

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Two Options:  Beautiful La Conner Washington or Live Stream 


Live Weekend:  September 5th starting at 1:00pm and ending September 7th at 1:00pm

Webinars 9:00-10:30am PST:

Note - During the webinars we will be exploring traditional business topics - Sales, Marketing, Decision Making, Hiring/firing, Time Management, Strategic Planning, Cash Flow Management etc - but our approach will be to explore these topics from a deeper and more leveraged view point.

​ We

 will be adapting the curriculum week by week to the specific needs of the group. 

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October 29th
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(All sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.)




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