6-Month Mentoring Program


The mentoring program is led by Linda & George Pransky. Our goal during this program is to create a robust, well-rounded experience focused on the student's grounding in the principles and their personal and professional development. The program is absolutely customized to the individual. During the 6 months, we will actively partner in their learning with the goal of creating a deep, profound and meaningful experience that will ultimately allow students to leverage their learning. In addition, our strongest desire is to create a closely-knit collegial global network of graduates that become a source of inspiration, insight and support for one another.

As a result of participating in the mentoring program, students will have more confidence in their grounding, more depth and power in their work with others and more certainty in their ability to create a principle-based practice.

We are committed fully to these students and therefore we limit enrollment in this program to five mentees/students at any given time. This ensures maximum personal attention to each and every participant.

Program Elements

  • 3 on-site immersions (6 days each) in La Conner, Washington (USA)
  • Individual coaching
  • Client observation & supervision
  • Potential opportunities for co-teaching and/or client work
  • Participation & leadership role in Professional Training Retreat
  • Priority support

Your Grounding

We're interested in your grounding – meaning how you see and live the principles. Our ability to partner with you on your grounding is enhanced by the three on-site immersions. These on-sites allow us to interact closely with you and see you in a more informal setting. The heart of the on-site immersion experiences centers around the sessions and any co-teaching opportunities. However, the immersion program also offers the element of informal conversations and meals or walks together, which often have significant impact and can be a catalyst for insight. Your grounding not only impacts your work in the principles but your personal life as well. We have experienced this not only with our clients but in our own lives. The deeper our grounding the more fulfilled we are professionally and personally. 

Your Work with Others

We're dedicated to empowering the work you do with others. The practitioner's ability to go deep, get close and take a conversation vertical is where the magic happens for their clients. This is what separates the good practitioners from the great ones. The practitioner's grounding is the number one variable for this. However, that said, we understand the power of feedback through supervision and co-teaching. A main component of the mentoring program is the supervision. This becomes a rich exploration and learning for you and benefits your clients greatly. We often receive feedback that practitioners see an immediate improvement in the depth of their work through these supervision opportunities.


Cost of the Program:


Fee includes all of our work together during the 6 months, all program components and lodging while in La Conner. It does not include transportation, food or beverage.

For more information you can call our office at +1-360-466-5200 or click here.

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Linda and George Pransky
Linda and George Pransky
View of sunset from the apartment
View of sunset from the apartment
Patio outside the student apartment
Patio outside the student apartment
View of the Pransky's home and yard
View of the Pransky's home and yard