A History of Pransky and Associates

George Pransky hung out his shingle for private practice in Oakland, California in 1974. Increasingly disheartened by the lack of results in the traditional therapeutic model, he fortuitously ran across a man named Sydney Banks who introduced George to a new paradigm of helping people. George was struck by the simplicity and hope of Syd’s message, and in collaboration with the late Roger Mills, committed himself to sharing this work. They were the first mental health professionals to take Syd seriously enough to learn from him, drop their existing practices and devote their professional lives to teaching the principles that Syd discovered. In 1978 in the San Francisco Bay area, George and his wife and partner Linda Pransky established the first ever principle-based clinic.

In 1987 George and Linda moved to the Northwest and established the practice that is now Pransky and Associates in the beautiful Skagit Valley in Washington state. In its first few years this fledgling organization thrived as did the community of professionals around the country who had embraced the principles as their work. As pioneers in a growing movement, committed to learning and sharing these principles, George and Linda Pransky and a core group of professionals helped to create a community and infrastructure to support the expanding interest in this work.

In 1991 Pransky Associates, in order to meet the escalating demand, recruited some of the most experienced and talented principle-based practitioners to form a La Conner- based faculty of nine. Most of the staff of Pransky and Associates ran their own principle-based organizations prior to joining Pransky and Associates. As the demand grew, Pransky and Associates recruited additional principle-based practitioners that were running their own respective practices around the country, thus forming an extended faculty.

One of the visions shared among the Pransky and Associates staff has been to provide training for like-minded professionals that would expand the community of people committed to doing this work. Pransky and Associates has trained hundreds of practitioners through intern programs, professional trainings, and a wide range of creative formats. Most of the staff of Pransky and Associates have been involved in both the inception and design of a national teaching faculty for this work as well as serving as faculty members. At one time or another, each member of the Pransky and Associates staff has been at the forefront of the leadership efforts to spread these principles to the rest of humanity.

In 1996, Pransky and Associates created a business division which pioneered the application of this work in the business setting and ultimately built a reputation for extraordinary business results. What began as modest executive coaching and small management teams quickly developed into large-scale cultural change initiatives and leadership institutes. Business clients have included such Fortune 500 companies as AIG, Northwest Mutual Life Insurance, Lockheed/Martin, PG&E, and Boeing, as well as a broad range of companies both large and small in a variety of industries including advertising, veterinary hospitals, government contracting, beverage distribution, and trucking and transportation.

The Pransky and Associates staff has continued to emerge as a rising power in its community of colleagues as well as breaking into new industry, acting as the Research and Development department of the principles community. The breadth and depth of experience shared among the staff allows Pransky and Associates the ability to take on large-scale projects and to try things that haven’t been done before. The scope of practice beyond the business arena ranges from community settings, personal and corporate mediation, to non-profit organizations, and includes speaking engagements to networks that include deans of nursing and medical schools, the Young Presidents Organization, the American Psychological Association, the Network of Estate Planning, and the Army Acquisitions School. This broad range of endeavors demonstrates not only the infinite applicability of this work, but the pioneering spirit that lives at the heart of the organization.