The Inspiration Behind Our Work

Sydney Banks (1931-2009) who is often referenced and sometimes featured on this website, is the man who realized and articulated the three principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. It was his influence that led to the dissemination of these principles by us and our colleagues.

Sydney Banks had a profound insight in 1973 that changed the way he understood how life worked. He became committed to sharing what he had learned with people, in the hopes of alleviating human suffering. Each member of the staff of Pransky and Associates is committed to pointing people to the simple fact that our experience of life comes from inside of us rather than from the world outside of us. A very ordinary human phenomenon is to be tricked by the appearance that our experience of life is externally generated. When understood at a deep enough level, seeing this phenomenon can make a huge difference in the lives of any person under any circumstances. That is the point of our work and we are grateful to Syd for introducing us to both the simple way of understanding this and also the profound depth that lies beneath that understanding. This fact, when realized can create a paradigm shift for a person and give them a new foundation of understanding their life.

The principles are simply a way to make sense of life. Syd discovered these principles although he did not invent them. They represent a truth about life that can be seen in many other sources. However, it has been our experience that the simple expression of this understanding is very accessible. This has allowed the principles to be taught in a wide variety of settings and to diverse populations of people. Pransky and Associates has focused on business, individual and families. Our colleagues have brought Syd’s work to jails, drug and alcohol treatment programs, at risk communities, schools, and many others. The impact of this work is surprising.

The staff of Pransky and Associates is grateful for having had the opportunity over the course of our careers to have been mentored directly by Sydney Banks. With an unwavering determination he challenged us to keep learning so that we can share his insight and our own with our clients. For George Pransky, the founder of Pransky and Associates, he was a personal friend, a mentor, a teacher, a co- teacher, an inspiration and a steadfast supporter. George Pransky and the late Roger Mills were the first to take the principles seriously in the sense that they each dropped their practice and committed themselves to teaching the principles exclusively. Through their pioneering efforts Syd’s discovery has become respected in the professional fields of psychology (George Pransky) and community/prevention (Roger Mills) and they are considered the founders of this in their respective professions.

On the products page you will find Syd’s books, CDs and DVDs. We have found that it is very helpful to refer to these as the source materials. You can find more about Sydney Banks on his website